“Girls in India are safe neither inside the womb nor outside”

This is the sorry state of affairs of the Incredible India. Lewd comments, stares, obscene gestures, suggestive grins, these are the hazards that women face on daily basis. In the wake of recent Delhi gang rape case which has shaken the whole nation and where the victim gave up after displaying enormous courage, the anger and public outpour is because these heinous crimes are happening with alarming regularity.


Most of these go unnoticed or die a natural death. Blame it on the face of persistent male harassment or the little support from the law. What have we learnt ?just to pack and ensure carrying chili powder along or mastering the martial arts? How many women have the presence of mind under scary circumstances to reach for those chili powder?.

Instead start reclaiming what is rightfully yours. Its just a genuine hope that that this case wont become another played up tragedy that goes nowhere once the “more important headlines hit the media. We first need to put up a fight against the blatant abuse of male chauvinistic thinking.


This is not at the time to feel martyred, not at all to feel self pity. Its the time to demand real change. If the defensive strategies are adopted that means we are admitting weakness and anticipating defeat. The complete overhaul of criminal justice system is the need of the hour, not just capital punishments for the culprits.


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Aurosa is a talented writer and teacher
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