After all the hype I finally managed to watch WAAR (the movie) in the cinema. So, here goes. It was more than any Bollywood action movie and just below any Hollywood movie when it comes to action. Superb acting by all, charismatic intro’s, impressive use of cameras, some patriotic touchy moments, less melo drama, violence yes (it’s highly 18+), and most importantly a movie with a take away message.

Movie inspired by actual events portrays the courage of Pakistan against terrorism. Shaan as stunning, as charming as ever, Shamoon as in the best Villain ever in a Pakistani movie, he stands out as Heath Ledger stood out in Batman Begins. Ayesha Khan proved her decency and brilliance once again. Meesha Shafi was glamorous but I thought it could have been better. Never ever expected Ali Azmat to be such a wonderful gem for the movie industry, his dialogue delivery was impactful and graceful. Aw-inspiring patriotism by Hamza Abbasi (do watch for the truck scene where he sings the National Anthem).

It’s the story of courage, loss and harsh realities that haunts all the Pakistanis day and night. Capturing the events based on real events is never easy but Director Bilal Lashari needs bravo marks here for finding the right balance of story by telling events in an authentic way but with simplicity.

From beginning to end it’s a complete entertainment. The background scores and sound effects are great. For me the movie which takes applause, laughter and screams is the movie for masses and Waar got it all. My experience in Cinema watching the movie was great.


Note to all the naysayers / critics


If you can create a better masterpiece then go on and if not then sit in your homes and watch khabarnama…. Yes, there are flaws which can be neglected as the message of the movie is quite important.



By: Yousuf Rafi


  1. Dear Yousuf
    I agree…after watching a lot of hollywood movies, perhaps acting for me was a bit too over the top. Only Shaan and Shamoon did justice…the rest of the characters it seemed were trying too hard to deliver dialogues than to really act…Ali Azmat was good but not brilliant….but it wasn’t the actor’s fault…I found the script weak in a lot of places…the dialogues and the characters could have been given more depth..but under the circumstances its a good movie…it should have had one language throughout the movie…
    well like you said..there are flaws but they should be ignored as it has been a genuine effort to revive Pakistani cinema and cultivate patriotism…