New Year has always been a highly anticipated event all over the world. People look forward to the turning of another year for various reasons. Whether it is to create a new beginning or to look forward to continuing adventures, the New Year is always a major celebration for everyone everywhere.


In Dubai, it is even made more sensational. The city doesn’t do anything half-heartedly so expect another grand New Year celebration. For an unforgettable New Year in Dubai 2015, hop on an exciting yacht charter with Al Wasl Yachts to welcome the occasion. Here are reasons why:


Beautiful yacht for beautiful people. A yacht is luxury personified. Replete with comfortable amenities, a wonderful yacht charter Dubai provides the perfect setting for everyone to relax and party on New Year’s Eve. You and your guests can rest in the bedrooms while waiting for the fireworks to start. You can have karaoke or watch fun holiday movies with the modern home theater and music system. When the countdown starts to signal the New Year in Dubai 2015, you can watch the fireworks from the sundeck or fly bridge. It’s like having a mini vacation onboard.


Five star buffet. New Year parties on a luxury yacht come with a sumptuous banquet from only the best caterers in town. You don’t have to worry about cooking the perfect New Year’s Eve dinner. Work with your yacht charter company and choose from a variety of dining options that include a barbecue or snacks platter or a complete buffet of Continental, Arabic, or Asian cuisine. A party is never perfect without food.


Silver service. Since you’d be busy with entertaining your guests and partying the night away, dedicated hosts and hostesses will gladly take care of your needs and those of your guests on the yacht. Together with the captain and crew, they will see to your comfort and convenience while you’re getting all hyped up partying during the exciting New Year in Dubai 2015 revelry.


Delightful party decorations. Put up decorations on the yacht to spice up your New Year’s Eve festivities. You can ask your yacht charter company to deck the interiors with balloons, ribbons, lights, or flowers to transform a simple yacht charter Dubai into the most amazing party place in town. Nothing sets the festive vibe perfectly than the brightest and most colorful party decorations onboard.


Disc jockey. Speaking of making the yacht the best party place in town, hire a disc jockey to keep the music flowing on your New Year’s Eve party. Professional DJs will gladly spin the tunes and drop that bass the way you like it to fill the night with lively music as you and your guests welcome the New Year with a yacht party in Dubai.


Record-breaking fireworks. Last but certainly not the least, you should celebrate New Year on an exceptional yacht charter Dubai to see the world’s largest and longest fireworks display. Cruising the Dubai seas from 9 PM to 3 AM, a yacht charter from Al Wasl Yachts gives you front row seats to the grandest fireworks display that lights up every inch of the incredible The Palm and The World islands at the stroke of midnight.


A party onboard a yacht in Dubai is simply the most unique and unforgettable way to welcome the New Year. Perfect setting, perfect entertainment, perfect start to the New Year.




Author Bio: Sasha Miller is a traveler extraordinaire. She is addicted to the lure of the great outdoors and the irresistible call of the world. Her passport, her credit card, her convenient hand-carry luggage, her thirst for knowledge, and her unbridled spirit are her ever reliable travel companions as she endlessly immerses herself in all the wonders this beautiful Earth can offer. It doesn’t matter whether they are remote or popular, nor does she care if they are natural or man-made, urban or provincial. There are lessons to learn and realizations to grasp in simply being there in the moment taking in the sheer magnificence of the world.


Contributed by : Farhan Arshad