4 Pillars of Business Success:

If you talk about the 4 pillars of business success, look at most great buildings, they are held up by pillars. Your company needs to be the same way if you are going to succeed. While some would argue quite successfully that there are several pillars, others would suggest that there are four fundamental pillars while the rest support them. Here are the four main pillars and how you can implement them successfully in your business. One of the 4 pillars of business success is Content Pillar:

Content Pillar

Whether you are looking at promoting your business through Google’s new Smart Campaigns, on social media or using another form of on-or-off-page SEO, content still remains king. And, because content is what allows you to build your brand within the viewer’s mind it will always be that way. To keep content king in your company, you should implement a digital business platform to manage your efforts. There are five types of content that you need to be producing regularly including:

  • Foundational– This content creates your brand’s voice and it should serve as the strongest component of the content pillar. You will find yourself linking back to this content often as it represents the goals and objectives of your company.
  • Customer-focused– This type of content is usually the simplest to write because you are simply answering customer questions. If you find yourself stuck for an idea, then take a look at your social media page and see what questions customers are asking. Alternatively, talk to your customer service team to see what questions they are hearing repeatedly. Then, produce content by answering those questions. The great news is that when done well, Google may use them for a featured snippet or answer box allowing you to find your content above organic search results.
  • Cyclical– While on its surface, cyclical content may seem like a simple reporting of the news, there is great value in this type of content because people will learn to trust your company to keep up with all the latest trends while separating the chaff from the kernel. Think about tying your content into many other types of content and watch reporters come flocking to your door as you position yourself as the local expert on a topic. Of course, right behind them will be groves of customers.
  • Crowd Pleaser– Often done as curated posts, this type of content lets your target audience know what others are thinking about a given topic or happenings within your industry in a given week or month. It is often the most shared content on your site, so it is extremely useful in helping to increase your audience.
  • Long-playing– This type of content allows you to repurpose other content for new purposes. For example, over time you release a series of posts about what makes good content, then you repurpose them into a book on why content will always be king and an essential part of 4 pillars of business success.

Communication PIllar

The second pillar is the communication pillar. While it may seem to have many different components, there are really only three key components of communication that can be broadcast in many different ways.

  • One-to-many: This type of communication involves one person sending a message to many listeners. A good example of one-to-many communication is the use of celebrity endorsements.
  • One-to-one: This type of communication involves one representative talking with one customer. While your customer service team should be a great example, you may also want to consider email marketing direct marketing, short message services and trade shows. The key is that whoever the customer comes in contact with, they should be using your brand’s voice.
  • Many-to-many: This is the best type of marketing there is because you have sold your customers enough that they want to spread your message for you. If someone asks you that what are the four pillars of succes you should recommend these four.

Community Pillar

The third pillar is the community pillar. You need to find ways to make your customers feel like they are part of a huge family where their opinions are greatly valued as this is how you build up company loyalty. Since most people trust online reviews as much as they trust a friend recommending your product, never overlook the importance of the message that your customers are sending out online. While the largest component of the community pillar will be social media in most cases, do not overlook forums, webinars, conferences and community service as building component of this pillar.

Commerce Pillar

One of the most important step in 4 pillars of business strategy is the Commerce pillar. You can be a superstar in all other areas, but if your commerce pillar crumbles, then your company is still likely to be a failure. Most customers will move through the same five-step buying process if you are building your company correctly. They will:

  • Research- Almost all research begins with customers looking up a product on Amazon or other reliable commerce sites.
  • Engage- They may look up your website or look at your social media presence.
  • Buy- The customer makes their first purchase and discovers the quality of your product and your customer service for themselves.
  • Support- The customer discovers your return policy and how much you care about the customer after their initial purchase.
  • Advocate- The customer has become loyal to your brand and is busy spreading your marketing message.


When you build a company on these 4 pillars of business success, it will succeed. If you are ready to take your business to the next level, then contact us today.



by: Mark Palmer