Your social media interactions aren’t meant to be confined to your pocket or desktop – they’re meant to be worn on your wrist for all the world to see and, potentially, interact with. That’s the thrust of the Hicon, a unique bracelet with small, colorful buttons linked to your social media accounts. In other words, it’s wearable social media.

The Hicon dubs itself “The Social Bangle,” and that pretty much sums it up: It’s a waterproof silicone bracelet that’s spotted with six interchangeable buttons for your social media accounts, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and WhatsApp. When you receive a smartphone alert for one of your social networks, the corresponding button on the Hicon lights up and vibrates. Wearers can dismiss the notification with a shake of their wrist.

The social bracelet is also meant to encourage wearers to enhance their real-world social interactions. For instance, when a wearer with similar interests (as indicated in the mobile app) is nearby, the Hicon will light up and act as a not-so-discreet wingman. Wearers can also add contacts to their smartphone or exchange social media profiles by giving another wearer a high-five, handshake or fist bump… see more

source: Digitaltrends