Smart home automation is a great way to complement home alarm systems. The easily accessed home automation tools give homeowners the capability to access locks, appliances and utilities on their properties while they are away. While this technology used to be too expensive for most people, it is now more affordable than ever because of the rise in mobile smart phones. Aside from the benefits of increasing energy efficiency in a home, smart home automation is a great way to add extra security as well to keep your loved ones and your home safe from theft and home invasions.

When paired together with an alarm system, smart home automation is an easy and effective way to boost the security of your home and property from your tablet, computer or smartphone. There are many ways that a smart home automation system can benefit a homeowner in regards to safety. Below are some of the top effective ways to use the smart home automation for powering your security system.

Automated Lights

Most burglars and thieves will not enter a home that looks like someone is occupying. While you are away from home, you can use your automation system through your phone or tablet to turn on your lights during certain times of the day. You can even set up the system to turn on and off the lights in your home periodically throughout the day or evening. Doing this can make it look like someone is home without having to waste too much energy by leaving the lights on all day long when you are away.

Check Locks And Windows

Another great security benefit of using a smart home automation system is that you can use it to double check if your locks and windows are secured. Thieves and burglars love to come across windows that are left open and doors that are left unlocked. If you leave your home in a rush and can’t remember if you locked up your home, the smart home automation system can be accessed quickly to double check. You can even use it to secure unlocked doors throughout your home and property. If the system notices that you left a window open, you will be able to get home quickly to get it closed and locked up. If you have kids that are always coming in and out of the home, smart home automation is a great way to ensure they remember to lock up and turn off the lights each time they leave the home.

Protect Your Valuables

Automated locks aren’t only for doors and major entrances. If you have a lot of valuables in your home, you can easily add smart locks to containers and jewelry boxes. With the locks installed and connected to your smart home automation system, you can easily check on the security and safety of your valuables in just a few minutes. Additionally, you will be notified immediately if the locks on any of your valuables gets tampered with. When you get notified, you will be able to call the local law enforcement to go check out who is in your home and messing with your valuables.

It’s easier to see now how smart home automation helps to maximize home security. When you pair the home automation with a good security system, your overall home security will skyrocket. There is nothing more precious than protecting your loved ones and keeping them safe in your home. A good, smart home automation setup will allow you to receive alerts instantly and monitor certain activities in real-time from your computer, tablet or phone. You won’t have to second guess who are what is going on in your home while you are away.


by: Kevin Faber