‘Several’ people were reportedly killed after an explosion rocked an ammunition storage facility at a US military facility in western Nevada, a spokesman said.

The explosion happened during the course of a US marine training exercise late on Monday at the Hawthorne Army Depot, Marines spokeswoman Kendra Motz told Reuters. Motz said that ‘several’ people were killed during the blast.

Marine spokesman Nicholas Mannweiler told the agency that Marines were among those killed, but did not elaborate on the number of causalities or the cause of the blast.

However, the explosion was unrelated to the ammunition being stored at the facility, Russ Collier, an official at the depot told KRNV-TV.

A spokesperson with the Regional Emergency Medical Services Authority (REMSA) told NBC News 4 that two of the injured were en route to the Renown Health Regional Medical Center in Reno.

Local law enforcement officials in the sparsely populated town of Hawthorne, located some 140 miles southeast of Reno, were unable to provide any additional information.

The Hawthorne Army Depot is a sprawling 147,000 acre facility consisting of hundreds of buildings used for storing ammunition and other military hardware.

source: www.rt.com