Are you dying to smell meat, but you’re on a strict diet or just recently turned vegetarian? We have an app for that; or at least, a gadget for your iPhone. In another one of those “only in Japan” inventions, this contraption, when attached to the iPhone can give you that sweet meat scent that can satisfy your olfactory cravings.

The Hana Yakiniku, which literally means “nose grilled meat”, is a 17-gram gadget that you can stick into your iPhone’s headphone jack. You then download the free app and it can spray out three different kinds of scents: Short Ribs, Beef Tongue, and Buttered Potato. A company called Scentee created this unique product and suggests that those college students who are on a budget or women on a diet and even couples trying to save money on their date can benefit from their gadget. It costs only 3,480 yen (approx. US$35) and compared to the usual 3,000 yen (around US$30) cost of one Yakinikumeal, it is a steal, since you can use it anytime you want to convince yourself you’ll be satisfied with just a whiff of meat. And if you run out of that delicious smell, they will even sell replacement cartridges at 1,000 yen (US$10.22) which is still relatively cheaper than eating yakiniku everyday.

Scentee has also created scented cartridges for their other app products that are inspired by the concept of Smell-O-Vision, that 1960s movie theater invention that didn’t quite catch on with the market. Other scents that Scentee offers include apple, corn soup and coffee.

source: Japandailypress