Never let your past mistakes define your future.
Mistakes are a great teacher not a destruction .
Mistakes are just trials.
A some way of sharpening your knowledge.
Triggering your passion.
Measuring your determination for how long you can hold on.
Mistakes are a great experienced cultivating your inner soul .
To be alert .
To be alive.
To open your eyes for another dimensions of opportunity.
Mistakes are silent motivator to push you to do some more.
Mistakes are moves that can make you inspired you to leap and jump to another side to teach you molding you from worst to good to better.
So Mistakes is a great part and spices in everyone’s life.
So never regret never feel bitter.
Mistakes is your great teacher and motivator.
It will lead you to your GOAL.
And push and build you to have a great future.!!


By: Nelia vista