There are reasons why certain companies do better than others. It can be management style, what they are selling, or how they have branded the company. The better design and brand your company has, the more likely your company is going to succeed. The two are connected because if you don’t have a good brand or logo it can repeal customers and give them a bad impression of your company before they even visit the website or the store.

This article will cover some basic design elements that every company should include in their images, marketing, and other design materials. Below are five design elements to consider when you are planning any materials for your company:  


What image pops in your head when you hear the words red and green? How about pink and blue? There are certain colors that should go together and others that should not go together. Red and green may not be a good choice because they are used during the Christmas holiday and are used on traffic lights.

Making sure that the colors match can be done by using a color wheel. There are also different shades and tones of colors. A fluorescent shade of orange should not be used with a shade of light blue. Having a good color palette can make your logo and image design a little easier and memorable. Different colors on the design or logo makes it hard for customers to recognize or distinguish from other companies.   


This refers to how large your banner, flier, website, or even social media image will be. You do not want the space to have too much text or images within the space. That will make your creation look cluttered and hard to read.

There is also the opposite problem of having too much blank space and not enough information on images. A nice balance between space, the text, and images will help attract people’s attention to your posts and fliers.


Long gone are the days of only using Times New Roman for everything that is typed up on a keyboard. There are a variety of texts that are available to use. Some are better for some situations while others just should not be used at all. The main difference between texts is serif and sans serif. Serif refers to the little flourishes that appear on the ends of letters. Sans serif is the opposite, it does not have the little flourishes on the ends so the letter is made from just straight lines.    


You should use lines with caution. If you are making posters or fliers you want to make sure that you are cutting them straight so they line up with the design on the poster. Making physical banners and posters doesn’t have to be hard, there are some places that even offer free poster maker services.

There are other lines within the image that need to be looked at. The alignment of your lines is important because the viewer’s eye will naturally follow those lines. The rule of thirds is a great rule to follow when places images and different elements on the design.


If you do not know what this term refers to, it is just a fancy term for how a certain place feels when you walk into it. Your office space is what potential business partners will see and feel when they enter your space. Usually office spaces have a professional feel and look to them, which is done on purpose, not by accident or coincidence. Having clean lines, desks and even chairs will make it look professional. Look at the layout of the room to see if it is too crowded or empty. Finding a good balance will help employees be more productive and relaxed.

What are some of your favorite company logos and brands? Feel free to leave a comment or share this article with your friends.


Bio:  Jeremy is a tech and business writer from Simi Valley, CA. He’s worked for Adobe, Google, and himself. He lives for success stories, and hopes to be one someday.