Ramadan is the month in which Muslims restrain themselves of eating or drinking for full day starting from dawn and continues to sunset. Fasting is the way to get spiritual purification and making relation with Allah stronger. Fasting can be very helpful if someone aims to quit smoking.  Managing unpleasant feelings such as stress, depression, loneliness, fear, and anxiety are some of the most common reasons why adults smoke.  Below are some tips how one can quit smoking during Ramadan.

  1. Make a to do list before Ramadan

A list with all the short-term targets you want to achieve in the blessed month of Ramadan. This list can include supplications, recitation of Quran, and to quit smoking.

  1. Do commitment with yourself about quitting smoking

Determination is the key to success. Make your mind that smoking is injurious to health and quitting will make you more healthy and energetic. Make your mind ready to face difficulties you are going to face during withdrawal. Remind yourself that once the withdrawal is over, you’ll feel better than you have in years.

  1. Don’t smoke in Sahour and Aftar

Ramdan can be very helpful in quitting if you can stop yourself only in sahour and aftar timings. Control urge of smoking while breaking fast, Offer taraweeh prayer and sleep. When you’ll get up for sahour control your urge of smoking.

  1. Consider exercising more.

 When you’re quitting smoking, exercise can help. Exercise is a healthy alternative to smoking, it can take your mind off your cravings, it can help your mood and energy level, and it can help keep off extra weight. If you are new to exercising, start slowly. A walk around the block is a good start.

  1. Make yourself busy in supplications, helping people and other religious activities

Make yourself busy in supplications and other religious activities. Prayer to Allah  and ask for help. Help people more, you can even spend money to educate deserving children which money were you spending to purchase cigarettes. That will give you self-satisfaction and sense of achievement.

  1. Celebrate success at the end of month

Celebrate your success and give yourself credit! Tell people how long you’ve been quit. It’s a major achievement and you should be proud.

By Biya, al-Rasub writer