Barcelona – What better home can a famous footballer own than a house in the shape of a football? Barca star, Argentinian Lionel Messi had Valencian architect, Luis de Garrido, design his dream home in Barcelona and he is ready to move in.

Football star Messi is taking his love of the “beautiful game” right into his home, and the striker can’t wait to move in. Images of the home can be viewed at the end of this article.

The dream home was designed by Valencian architect Luis de Garrido, who is famous for building homes that “excite and make their occupants happy”. He has had some pretty famous clients, too, including supermodel Naomi Campbell, whose “Eye of Horus” eco-home is included in the above video. The video is in Spanish, but shows clearly the design of both Messi’s house and those of other famous clientele.

According to Infobae (Spanish language) when it came to designing a home for the world’s best footballer, de Garrido came up with an idea which was “intrinsically related” to who Messi is and what he represents. There was no way around it, the house had to be football-shaped.

Messi is delighted with the result and can’t wait to move into the home, located in Barcelona’s upmarket Pedralbes neighborhood, as soon as it is complete.

De Garrido only accepts projects where very strict ecological, environmental and health criteria are always respected – sustainable and very beautiful architecture in Spain.