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It has been sixty-seven years since the birth of the nation we hold so dear to our hearts a nation that our ancestors fought for. A nation which is soaked in the blood of thousands of people who died fighting for it. A nation which was fathered by Muhammad Ali Jinnah. He was the man who, along with many others, worked day and night to make sure he achieved his goal. Everyone who was on this great man’s side strived to achieve the same great goal… the creation of a separate nation for the Muslim minority in the British-ruled India.

Fast forwarding to 14th of August, 1947, we notice that a new country emerges from Indian territory… the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Jinnah dreamt that the land he fought for would be a positive example for humanity. He wished that the people residing on this land would stand united under one flag and identity. He wanted everyone to be equal. Every Pakistani present at the time of the creation of Pakistan vowed to look after their motherland. More importantly they vowed to fulfill their Quaid’s dream.

But now as we are in 2014 and look back at the sixty-seven, one comes to a conclusion that those years haven’t passed as dreamt or planned. Perhaps we could say that Jinnah’s dream has been turned into a wretched nightmare.

We are not prosperous in the most important field – education. Neither do we stand united under one flag. Nor have we sacrificed our time to make sure that we fulfill our leader’s dream.

Why, when all was going steady at one point for us, have we deviated?

Why have we succumbed to terrorism?

Is everything really to be blamed on our leaders?

If we were or  are being governed by people who didn’t deserve to rule us, why then did we not show capacity for growth?

Why do we not change ourselves first?

Today if we look back at our gains and losses, they stand together with striking correspondence. In easy words we seem to have lost as much as we have gained.

Is there any hope for our mother country’s betterment and prosperity? All I can say is that Pakistan has not yet been created. This is not the final layout of our nation. This land has yet to rise.

65% of Pakistan’s population is based entirely on youth. Some, if not all, of this youth will give Pakistan the start she needs. The generation that is next in line is hopeful and ready to take on the challenges Pakistan faces. They are ready to hop onto the front seat and take grasp of the steering wheel.

To all those who say that Pakistan’s existence by the next 15-20 is but a dream… we are a courageous nation rising from the ashes. And when something is born from the remains of a fire, it has the characteristics of a fire. It rages and rules… exactly what we shall do.


By:  Fatima Arshad

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