Applications related to expatriate workers from companies employing less than 100 workers will not be entertained by the Passport Department after Sept. 7 (Dul Qaada 1), a senior official announced.
Maj. Gen. Saad Al-Jubairy, director of the department in the Riyadh region, urged such companies to activate the department’s electronic system to receive visa services.
The services include exit and re-entry visas, exit-only visas and issuance and renewal of resident permits (iqamas) for expats as well as travel permits for citizens.
“These can be obtained from the department’s Abshir electronic services,” said Al-Jubairy.
“The Passport Department will not accept applications from owners or agents of companies that have 100 or less workers for services related to them,” he said.
The department says that there is no need to visit its offices for visa transactions as most of its services are now available through its website.
“We are now in the process of making the Passport Department free from visitors by providing all services through the Internet,” said Lt. Col. Ahmed Al-Laheedan, spokesman of the department.

source: arabnews