Riyadh police have drafted a training program for traffic personnel in order to qualify them to offer better services to the public.
“There will be specialized programs in English, so that traffic police can communicate with non-Arabic speakers,” Riyadh police said. “For that purpose, we have enlisted the services of local and international experts.”
Col. Ali Al-Dubaikhi, chief of Riyadh Traffic, said the department is keen on training its staff.
“We have struck partnerships with many parties to enhance the performance of our staff,” he said. “There will be courses to train our men on how best to handle people from the public in the field.”
“The courses will include an examination of various types of work pressure and how to handle them expertly and professionally,” he said. “We also installed English-language courses for the benefit of our staff.”
“The procedure we will follow is that we show our trainees a certain incident where mistakes were committed in the field,” he said. “It’s like a test case. Then we analyze the mistakes and discuss the best ways on how to handle similar situations. I am glad to report that there has been a decrease recently in the number of traffic accidents, and a decrease in the number of fatalities that result from traffic violations. I believe this is due to the higher professional level we developed in our staff.”

source:  arabnews