Looks like Beliebers might be in for a rough Christmas.

No amount of holiday gifts could compensate for the fact that Justin Bieber told L.A. radio station Power 106 Tuesday that he’s calling it quits after his new album, “Journals,” is released on Dec. 23.

“Um, I’m actually, I’m retiring man, I’m retiring,” Bieber said with a straight face behind black shades.

He added that he’s “just going to take some time. I think I’m probably going to quit music.”

If this is true, a retirement from music at 19 years old would be shocking to say the least. Bieber’s only been making music professionally for a little more than five years.

During the interview, he also said, “I’m here solely for my fans and for the music.”

Whether he was joking or not, Beliebers are NOT amused.

Bieber has not tweeted about a pending retirement, though a source close to Bieber tells ABC News Radio that he is not retiring, he was kidding.

“In fact, he clarified that he was kidding by the end of the interview,” says the source.

source: abcnews