Smartphone users love their phones, after all they can do almost everything with them these days. Smartphone users can phone a friend, take pictures which are uploaded with the touch of an app, and even find their way around.

The only thing missing from the smartphone is an app which allows people to smell what they see, well that is until now.

The scent of smell is tough to work into any media – attempts at getting it into movies date back to the 1930s, and Disneyland and Walt Disney World include scents in some of their attractions. It was only a matter of time before someone tried to add it to a smartphone.

Japanese firm among others is working on a device about the size of a USB device which can be attached to any smartphone. The device is actually a small tank which contains a specific scent. After the device is installed a screen comes up with “puff” button which when pushed releases the scent.

The whole idea of the unit is besides a picture or a sound clip one can send a scent. Travel agencies could use the device to add smells to their add, One could smell the ocean breeze at a Malibu retreat or maybe the local restaurant could send the smell of their steak and fries dinner or a perfume company could send the scent of a new perfume smell, all while holding their smartphone.

The question is where the technology will even catch because in the past Smell-O-Vision devices were not received well by movies. There is one drawback to the device, one has to get their nose close to the device to actually get a whiff and people may not take to sniffing their phones in public.