Technology’s attempt to thwart the best efforts of thieves can often fall short.

But a new smart lock could change that by being able to protect against every possible theft attempt on a bicycle.

Berlin-based group LOCK8 claims its device is the world’s first ever alarm protected, trackable, smart bicycle lock.

The triangular device – which is compatible with 95 per cent of bikes – is attached to a normal bike chain and equipped with Bluetooth technology.

It can be locked and unlocked remotely using Android or iOS smartphones and tablets, and has special sensors to detect thieves.

For instance, a smart cable will warn if a thief attempts to use a bolt cutter, an accelerometer can detect drills, while a temperature sensor alerts the owner to blowtorches.

LOCK8 will then send a text message to the owner and sound an ear-splitting alarm to let passers-by know that a theft is taking place.

Given that 91 per cent of today people keep their mobile phone within 3 feet of them, 24 hours a day, the feature means that owners will always know whether their bike is safe.

If the thief does manage to get away with the bike, the device also uses GPS and GSM technology allowing bike owners to find where it has ended up.

Users can swipe the app to or set up the system to automatically unlock when they get within a few feet of the bicycle.

The clever gadget runs on reusable batteries that can be charged through a USB lead.

It was created by Franz Salzmann and Daniel Zajarias-Fainsod, who came up with the idea after their bikes were stolen.

Mr Salzmann, 28, from Berlin, said: ‘We were talking about bicycle locks and wondered why there wasn’t a smart bike lock, so we decided to invent one.

‘When triggered a push notification is sent to your smartphone and a painfully loud alarm is sounded on the bike.

‘When it is released it will work with iOS and Android and we are planning that a Windows version will be available in the future…. see more

source: dailymail UK