The region is back on the boil. Almost two months after a Jat mahapanchayat is reported to have sparked off a wave of violence in Muzaffarnagar and exodus across the district, a similar incident threatens the same.

This time, after three Muzaffarnagar youths from Hussainpura were killed on Wednesday night following a clash with the neighbouring village of Mohammadpur-Raisingh, the community has warned the district administration of a mahapanchayat on November 7 if all culprits are not brought to book.

On September 7, a Jat mahapanchayat was called to force the same administration into action over a triple murder in Kawaal village. Then, two Jats reportedly killed a Muslim after he ‘harassed’ a relative, and the Muslims allegedly retaliated by lynching his killers. After a Jat convoy was attacked on September 7, violence swept the region, leaving more than 60 dead, many more injured and thousands homeless.

“The kind of incident which happened yesterday can definitely be attributed to lapses on the part of the police due to which some people dared to do this (violence). We will take strong action,” said state Director General of Police Devraj Nagar here on Thursday.

In the villages of Hussainpura and Mohammadpur-Raisingh, the fear is palpable. The memory of the recent violence is fresh and the events that led up to it similar contradictory versions of the events from the two villages and a police force struggling to get to the truth and prevent untoward incidents.

Shahnawaz, husband of the Hussainpura village pradhan, said he was alerted at around 6 pm. “We were all in the village when someone from the sugarcane fields came shouting for help. He said three youths, all my relatives, had been attacked by Jats from the adjacent village. We called the police and rushed to the fields,” he said. see more

source: indianexperess