Forget feeling guilty over the amount of money you regularly shell out on beauty products – an industry worth a staggering $160billion – and consider the fact that financially, it might actually be worth it.

According to a new compilation of landmark studies which examine the perks of being beautiful, a pretty face will earn you significantly more money over the course of your life – $230,000 more according to one estimate – and the dividends start paying early.

In Vox‘s video, which illustrates the findings, advantages begin flooding during infancy, when we receive more attention from both strangers and our own parents the ‘cuter’ we are.

By the time we’ve hit school, teachers will form higher expectations for better-looking children; which may or may not contribute to attractive students getting slighter higher grades, and being more likely to get a college degree.

Once we enter the job market, plenty of research exists to support the fact that hiring managers are more likely to consider attractive job applicants compared to unattractive applicants with exactly the same resumes. In this case, a Boo 2011 paper is cited.


Choose a job in politics and again, your looks could determine your career. People can apparently predict election results purely based on a candidate’s appearance, and there exists a well-established link between beauty and electoral success.


Perhaps because, as a 2000 Langlois journal found, beautiful people are seen as more ‘competent, kind and trustworthy.’


In fact, as far as most professional fields are concerned, employees with above average looks get above average pay across the board.


In his 2011 book, Beauty Pays, economist Daniel Hamermesh – not mentioned in the video – calculated that very attractive people earn an average of $230,000 more over the course of a lifetime, compared to those less blessed in the looks department.


Taller people earn more too; $789 more a year per inch to be exact, according to a Judge 2003 journal – and taller people tend to be smarter too.


As for heavier women; their pay declines as their BMI increases, regardless of their career credentials.


Even NFL quarterbacks make more cash the more symmetrical their faces are, according to a Berri 2001 study.


In his book, Mr Hamermesh writes that according to his findings, people rated as ‘very unattractive’ are: ‘Significantly and substantially more likely to have committed robbery, theft, or assault than were other youths.’


But when beautiful people do end up in court, they can expect smaller fines, and win larger compensations, whichever side of the courtroom they find themselves, as the video demonstrates.


In summary, whether you were lucky enough to be born beautiful, or you spend a fortune to up your attractiveness, being easy-on-the-eyes will almost always pay you back… see more

source: Dailymail UK