Remember everything your parents, grandparents, maulvi sahab and Islamiyat teacher taught you about Ramazan? Now try and forget it please because there seems to be no room for those teachings anymore in this country.

Tune in to one of our many local Ramazan transmissions on television and learn everything you need to know about the new face of the holy month.

We fast from sunrise to sunset, making sure our greed and desire to want stays under control, only to unleash it with a vengeance on one of Amir Liaquat or Fahad Mustafa’s Ramazan special shows, to name but two of the prominent ones.

On these shows, you are taught that nothing matters more than winning a Junaid Jamshed suit, a pair of Servis shoes and perhaps a ‘Voice ki gari’.

Forget teachings of charity and brotherhood – it’s time for you to compete with the person next to you, even if you have to make a complete fool of yourself on national television to defeat him or her.

Only recently, on ARY Digital’s Ramazan show ‘Jeeto Pakistan’, the host Fahad Mustafa had lined up a bunch of ladies to compete for a motorbike for their household.

In order to win, they had to cluck like a chicken…. see more

source: dawn