Impact of Ecommerce on Business Strategy:

As we know the importance of eCommerce it has changed everything ever since its arrival the Impact of Ecommerce on Business Strategy is very important. Did you see the headlines that were blasted out in the wake of Toys R Us going under? It was a feeding frenzy of news reporters talking about how this is the latest in a string of store closures that are likely to continue into the future as a result of eCommerce. One has to wonder how dire these warnings really are and how much stock we should put into them. There is little doubt on the one hand that operations such as Amazon have changed the way that we shop, but can we really expect that eCommerce will continue to drive all business developments into the future? Believe it or not, the answer may be yes.

A lot of traditional businesses are now looking at eCommerce conversion optimization as a possible way to create an online version of themselves that is highly profitable and well worth the trouble. They are trying to figure out the best way to be profitable right out of the gate if they are in fact going to spend time on the eCommerce portion of the business in the first place. 

One of the things that all stores are looking at is the way in which the economy is shaping up all around them. They see certain trends such as the enjoyment of the rental/sharing economy that so many now participate in. They believe that this is something that is likely to continue into the future. Of course, a lot of this activity is only possible because people are using online services in order to accomplish their goals. The Impact of Ecommerce on Business Strategy, becomes more important with the advent of modern technology. 

Every single day that passes sees more and more of the market share of all purchases going to the online realm. People are finally putting a lot more of their trust into eCommerce sites than they ever did before. It has gotten to the point now where some people just look at what has been recommended to them via social media and the like in order to find the kinds of products and services that they are looking for. This is not a bad idea as sometimes the only way to find accurate recommendations for the kind of products that you would honestly like is to trust your social media friends.The impact of e commerce on society is also very great as we progress we want to shop online. 

It is hard to talk about how eCommerce is changing the world and not mention the elephant in the room. That elephant is Amazon. They have become the go-to business for those looking for just about any kind of product that you can imagine. It is something that has bolstered the profitability of the company enormously, and this has meant that many more people now rely on this singular business to purchase just about anything and everything that they need or want. You can imagine how this is making it more difficult for new companies to jump into the fray, and harder still for older ones to reimagine themselves for this new landscape that they find themselves in.

Features on Amazon such as the one-click purchase just make it so easy and frictionless for the consumer to purchase what he or she wants without any worries at all. It is the kind of the thing that those who think about the future of the business world have to consider all the time. They have to focus on how we are going to live in a world where Amazon is the place where an increasing amount of every product is purchased.

It is possible to bury your head in the sand and pretend that eCommerce is not going to continue to play the role that it has up to this point, but the reality of the situation is stark and just goes to show you that in truth you cannot escape from the fact that eCommerce is going to play a role in all that we do going forward. You can either accept that and embrace it or run and hide from the reality altogether.



by: Sia Hasan