A French Muslim charity is serving 60,000 free meals during Ramadan from a temporary structure on the edge of Paris. It’s a place where the faithful – and anyone else who wants to join – can break their day-long fast, in a spirit of togetherness.
For 21 years, a French charity has helped poor and homeless Muslims – and non-Muslims – break their Ramadan fast at sunset.

“Une Chorba Pour Tous” [Soup for Everyone] serves approximately a thousand people a day during the holy month of Ramadan from its centre at Porte des Lilas in northeast Paris.

An hour before the distribution begins there are already hundreds of people lining up; women and children on one side, men on the other.

The crowd is made up of young and old; not all of them are here for religious reasons.

“Une Chorba Pour Tous” – chorba is a popular North African soup that is a staple of the sunset Ramadan feast – may be an Islamic charity, but its organisers insist that everyone is welcome.

“We feed Muslims who come here to break their fast, but we also feed non-Muslims, the homeless, alcoholics, people of all ages and backgrounds,” says charity president Hakim Didouche. “Our doors are open to everyone.”

source: france24