Words sometimes fail to convey the true meaning of what you’re trying to get across. At times like that, you can always toss in an emoji to make sure your intentions are clear. Heck, why not use several emoji to convey a range of emotions and thoughts? In fact, let’s just lose the words entirely. That’s the premise of Emojli, a social network that uses only emoji. It might be kind of a joke, but it’s totally a real thing.

Emojli was created by Matt Gray and Tom Scott, who claim that unlike other social networks, there will be zero spam on Emojli. How can they make such a bold claim? Easy — there’s no emoji for spam. Although, there is one for poop (). If that’s really the worst message you can get on Emojli, it’s already ahead of other social networks in the spam department. The video doesn’t explain much about how the service is going to work, but we do know all status updates will be entirely in emoji….see more

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