We do things that are bad for us all the time, from smoking to bullfighting. Lots of stupid activities pose considerable dangers to our health, and we undertake them voluntarily. But normal people recognize the dangers, and either take them into consideration, or simply don’t give a toss. Mobile phones, we’re often told, are allegedly equally hazardous to our health. Cancer-causing, brain-frying, evil little devices we keep in our pockets. Yet we use them with reckless abandon, often for the most frivolous of things, and sometimes for hours at a time. Should phones carry a serious warning from the government, or even be ruthlessly outlawed?

Well, it depends on who you believe. Reports from scientists, medical professionals, and quacks of all kinds warn of the dangers. Yet a similar cross-section of the health community scoffs and says not to worry, there’s nothing to fear. All this arguing didn’t start yesterday either. It has been going on since phones were first freed from their wire restraints. The trouble is, it’s now extremely hard to care. Conflicting medical reports have become so tiresome, we don’t really pay any attention, and those which do catch our eye are often written by someone who also gives lectures about the scourge of chemtrails in their spare time. However, the main reason we skip past the news of cancerous cells and on to carcinogenic celebrities, is because the phone has become an almost invaluable part of modern life; and we’re damn well not going to give them up without some extremely compelling evidence.
Is there any? Let’s take a look.

Phones aren’t bad for us

Let’s hop in the DeLorean, and have a little time-traveling adventure through the exciting history of medical research related to phones and potentially life-ending conditions – specifically seeking out those which exonerate our beloved gadgets. For the first example, we don’t even need to fire up the Flux Capacitor. In December 2014, the University of Manchester published a study saying the magnetic fields created by phones and power lines don’t cause health problems. Apparently, research showed these fields have no affect on flavorproteins in our bodies, which was previously believed to cause all sorts of hideous problems. It’s a good start, but let’s go back further. see more

source: digitaltrends.com