VoIP which stands for voice over IP is the latest technology that engages the Internet to make audio and video calls. This free and cheap calling option has facilitated millions of people and companies worldwide. But with so many benefits of VoIP, there are some drawbacks as well.

Whether you have already utilized VoIP or you’re planning to introduce this technology, you need to be aware of its pros and cons. Here are pros and cons of VoIP.

Pros of VoIP

  1. Cheap Calls Rates

Due to the tough competition in the online industry, almost every VoIP service operator offer cheap prices to their users. No matter how long distance calls you need to make, internet calls are much cheaper than phone calls.

In addition, most of the features associated with this technology are also free. For instance, you could freely download the application to start making local and international calls.

  1. Video Calls Option

This is the best benefit of VoIP which enable users to make video calls. The video calling option is very useful for businesses as well as people who are living far from their families. You can also benefit with video calling option of internet calls for office or personal matters for free.

This is because video calling is included free when purchasing a VoIP service so you don’t need to pay extra amount.

  1. Full Flexibility

The VoIP provide full flexible options to everyone who wants to use this technology in personal and professional operations. This is the main reason why people are speedily adopting this technology in their daily life transactions.

You can use it to make free calls from PC to PC as well as begin conference calling, and use automated options to call from phone to the system. It also facilitates users with all basic features of call forwarding, waiting, and a group calling options.

Cons of VoIP

  1. Poor Sound Quality

No doubt every user encounter unclear sound issues while making IP based calls. This is the biggest drawback of this technology that is demotivating people to invest in it. If your call quality is not good then, you can also fix it by placing multiple calls on the same number. However, people stay away from the tiresome process and prefer to invest in quality services.

  1. Required Internet Connection

In order to make IP calls, a secure internet connection is required. Whether you have installed VoIP application in your smartphone or system you will need a hi-speed broadband connection to use it. This is why people prefer social messenger call options over IP calls because of the costs associated with it.

If you’re planning to use VoIP calls, then you’re recommended to live in an area where a nonstop broadband connection is available round the clock.

  1. Needs Non-Stop Power

It is important to have a proper power option to run VoIP system. Otherwise, you will not benefit with this technology. Therefore, you will need to purchase a power bank as well to provide nonstop power to your IP call system.

In case you will fail to provide backhand power supply then it will become out of service in the same way that traditional land-line phones do.


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