Quantum computing has really come on strong over the past year in the news, trumpeting the dominance that it will have over the marketplace in just a few years.  At the same time, Google’s quantum computing people seem to be hinting that not all quantum computing efforts are achieving the results that they claim that they are- a sure sign that they feel the market is getting ahead of itself.

In fact, one of their quantum computing spokespeople came out and said that it will take around 10 years for them to create a computer that has the qubits necessary in order for them to succeed as a developer.

Given the fact that it won’t be possible for a hacker to utilize quantum computing to hack the RSA security scheme that underpins the Internet for at least that long, most people are not concerned about Blockchain and Bit Chain Value being impacted.  It is thought that there will be replacements that upgrade security in the interim.

What is certain is that there will be some exciting market changes once full-scale development is underway.  Here are some of the potential areas where quantum computing will make an impact:


Just as people begin to worry because they have regular computers that can be unencrypted by a quantum computer, it becomes easier for those that plan to switch to a quantum computer because the security of a quantum platform is much greater than that of a regular computer.

If you have a facility that has a quantum qubit that needs to be replicated, you can do so without decay across a network that stretches hundreds of miles.  You can also replicate multiple copies between different sites. The speed that quantum computers operate at can be thousands of times faster than some computers on the market today. You could install spark to process all of your big data in nanoseconds.


If you are a materials scientist, looking for the best combination of materials to fit a project is a time consuming task. However, if you use a quantum computer to run the analysis that you need to figure out which combination of materials will work the best, you will save a lot of time and money.

Even better, quantum computers are able to not only work with analysis of existing material choices, they will likely be at the forefront of tomorrow’s software programs that create new materials by looking at requirements and then running calculations. It is often said that the goal is to feed requirements for a particular material into the computer and then wait while it continues to put out material suggestions and recipes.

Medical discoveries:

Quantum computing should also pave the way for medical and pharmaceutical discoveries that go beyond what can be developed today. In fact, it will be possible with the extra computing power to construct entities that replicate people actually testing pharmaceuticals so that the overall quality process will end up being safer because people won’t need to be exposed to the drug until it is safe for everyone.

Psychological discoveries will also be possible. Currently IBM has been able to grow human brains in a Petri dish in Switzerland to test storage potential. They also, however can communicate with the brains that they have in a rudimentary way. If they can create more sophisticated brains before quantum computing is released, it will allow scientists to build software that emulates the human brain for psychology research.

Quantum computing will not likely have an impact on blockchain and bitcoin value because there will be security measures that will be developed that will negate the threat before quantum computing is released. It will have a positive impact on a lot of industries that are waiting for a solution, however.



by: Sia Hasan