Alright, what is really happening in Bosnia and Herzegovina? Is this that we read in the newspapers yet another ‘revolution’ that will wear off when people get bored with standing on the streets while the politicians sit quietly and comfortably in their office chairs?


But it seems that this time it is more dangerous than any other failed attempt so far, because a couple of buildings were finally set on fire. A furious crowd managed to set those buildings on fire that even the war criminals, in the last war in Bosnia at the beginning of the nineties, could not burn down. The media showed videos of ripped leather chairs thrown into the river Miljacka, office furniture destroyed, paintings on fire, flags taken down…


These days, Bosnia and Herzegovina seemed to be in the state she was in at the beginning of the nineties, but this time she was being burned not by a foreign hand but by her own citizens. The government canton and presidency buildings were set on fire.

Naturally, this chaos in Bosnia could not have passed idly without Serbia, from where Vučić said that these riots cannot be transferred to Republic of Srpska, and the Croatian prime minister came to calm the situation down in Herzegovina.


Tribes leaders gathered with their people in their sheepfolds, patting them on their backs and holding tight to the slogan: no one shall dare touch you. But it is exactly because of people such as pro-Serbian Vučić and pro-European Milanović that Bosnia is in this state today – motionless for twenty years. What do these people want? Jasmila Žbanić said to the Croatian prime minister: get out and go home!
Foreigners, leave us alone and let us strangle our own guinea pigs and then we will continue like before, to suffer in silence – is a public opinion.


Tuzla is burning, Sarajevo is burning, Mostar is burning, Zenica is burning and what is next? Everyone is on their feet, even in the Republic of Srpska people are rising to protest and the nationalists are sending them back, telling them it is not their business what is happening in Bosnia and that they want to go to Serbia. There is an overall chaos in and around us!

It seems that spring in Bosnia has come early this year, but in Bosnia you never know how it is going to end – this state could last for half a day and it could last for months. Well, this is Bosnia. Politicians in the neighbouring countries know that very well and that is why they reacted so promptly and they got excited thinking if it started in Bosnia, it could soon start in our countries as well. It was not so long ago when all around Croatia people protested, removed Milošević’s government and wanted changes.


When we rise above our impetuous passions we notice how the society is really very rude and wild. Well, the same people who curse and throw rocks and burn buildings either did not vote at the elections or voted for the same people they now curse. And later, because we did not rise above our impetuous passions, the government will be replaced by the system. But no system will remain except the one governed by the Dogma! And then, anarchy, unrest, protests all over again. Thus the theory of the cyclic history comes to its picturesque meaning – says one student.


And while thousands of people marched towards the buildings to burn them and begged police officers to come over to their side, one man, when he saw that the situation was getting out of control, was running away from the crowd, screaming: bedlam.


By Safer Grbić