THE verdict from Apple Watch users is clear: people want their next Apple Watch to have an even greater focus on fitness.

With the second-generation of the Apple Watch rumoured to be released within the next three months, Watch wearers will soon know if Apple is about to make their wishes come true.

When Apple launched the Apple Watch this year, fitness was one of the key selling points with the Watch measuring heartrate and having a three-tier activity tracking system to measure general movement, regularly standing throughout the day and the recommended 30 minutes a day of elevated heartrate.

But rumours that the first Apple Watch would have extra health sensors proved false, at least with the first generation of the product. Apple is expected to have its first big event for 2016 in March, with an Apple Watch, a smaller iPhone 6C and a iPad Air 3 all tipped as likely new products to be unveiled.

That timing would mean Apple would be announcing its second attempt at a wearable device 12 months after unveiling the first version of the Apple Watch, and with a year of wearing it on their wrist Watch fans have a long list of features they want to see added… see more