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It seems as if it were centuries ago that a man named Muhammad Ali Jinnah was named the father of the nation, because for quite a long time now we’ve been seeing banners, boards and wall chalking declaring Altaf Hussain, the runaway, the father of the Pakistani nation.

This shows how low some of us could stoop. Calling a man accused  of countless murders the father of the nation is utter madness. It will not be an exaggeration to say that his followers treat him as a god, literally. I don’t know of any father of any nation who left his nation and lived in a country that is an ex-colonial master of the nation. But I guess there always is a first time.

The world has known of two major groups or organizations that aim at controlling the world, the Illuminati and Free Masons, but Pakistan has a third – the Mutahida Qaumi Movement (MQM).

If they wanted  their leader’ to be named the father of our nation (regardless of his nationality) then why not Hitler or Obama or Zia ul Haq?

What do they have against the great Quaid that made them replace him with the  Altaf Hussain?

Honestly, don’t you think this sends out a wrong message?

We support political parties as if our lives depend on them; we take what they say as the truth against all odds. We blindly support them and just like blind nationalism is unacceptable, so is blind support of organizations and institutions.

Dear Altaf Hussein I hope that you will dare to come up or at least close to the leadership standard set by our real Father of the Nation – Muhammad Ali Jinnah before you allow your  supporters to give you such invaluable titles. And the the same dare is also for the rest of Pakistani political leaders as well those think of themselves as god father of Pakistan. 


By: Fatima Arshad
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