BALTIMORE – The State’s Attorney for Baltimore on Friday said her office has probable cause to file criminal charges against six city officers she says are responsible for the death of Freddie Gray who died of a mysterious spinal injury while in their custody.

In a stirring press conference, Marilyn Mosby said the officers failed to get Gray the help he needed after they arrested him. She charged the officer driving a transport van that Gray was riding in with second degree murder. She charged the others with involuntary manslaughter, assault, failure to render aid and misconduct in office.

A loud cheer went up when she announced the charges.

“To the youth of this city, I will seek justice on your behalf,” she said.

She outlined the encounter between Gray and the officers, starting from the point when he made contact with an officer on April 12 and ran.

She said the charges are not an indictment on the entire force. Mosby said she comes from five generations of police officers, including her parents, aunts, uncles and a grandfather who is a founding member of a black officers organization in Massachusetts.

She said she filed charges against the officers this morning.

“We knew this was a serious case,” she said…. see more

source: usatoday