We’ve heard of pupils giving their teacher an apple before class but one educator appears to have misunderstood the age-old tradition.

A tutor at a New Zealand childcare centre may be forced to do some detention after she was caught stealing food from her pupils’ lunchboxes, according to news.com.au.

The woman was captured on CCTV helping herself to the packed lunches when children had complained of their food going missing, a Teachers Council complaints assessment committee heard.

She was censured on a charge of serious misconduct after she was seen either putting the food straight in her mouth or in a plastic bag to eat later.

The woman admitted the charge and had conditions placed on her practising certificate for five years.

‘She emphasised that she was trying to put this incident behind her, that there would be no repetition, and that she was hoping to move on with her career,’ the committee said.

At the hearing, another teacher had his registration cancelled after threatening to kill his Year 11 students ‘down a dark alley’.

source:  metro uk