Lived a life of sixty five, seventy five and even more than a century but at last the most unwanted day came and you were dead. This is a natural phenomenon and you cannot stop it or make it slow. Everyone thinks that this is the end.

I don’t believe that was the ultimate end. If this was the end then why Muhammad (PBUH) is still followed, with every justice Umar Farooq(RA) lives, with every piece of wisdom Rumi speaks, with every long march Mao Tse-tung leads, with every hunger strike Mahatma Gandhi breathes, with every arrogance Hitler lives, with every lightened bulb Addison lives, with gravity Newton lives, with every sacrifice Ibrahim(AS) lives, with every fighter for rights Nelson Mandela lives, within every actor and writer Shakespeare resides, with every truth Socrates lives, with every activist Martin Luther speaks, with every simplicity and act of preaching Muhammad(PBUH) lives. When you do something remarkable with life it is lived. Age is just a figure and death is just a reminder.

This life is given to you to live forever. You never die. Your body is not functional anymore but your work, achievements, behaviors, preaching, defeat, writings, discoveries and each and everything you have done during your lifetime is long lived and never dies. Don’t fear about death. It isn’t your end but you migrate from this world to another.


By:  Aisha Mushtaq