Fancy making your ex jealous by filling up your Tinder profile with photos of yourself surrounded by attractive strangers?

Well, a Japanese company called Family Romance is making that possible with its new service which has been named ‘Real Appeal‘.

Real Appeal will make sure you never have to take selfies alone again – as it will dispatch you staff members who will turn up ready to cover your Facebook and Instagram feeds with nothing but popularity.
Where you decide to snap the photos is absolutely your choice – and so is the sort who people who turn up to accompany you.

That’s right, you’ll be able to select age, gender and appearance of your companions for large and small events ranging from just a photo to drinks or a large birthday party.

Yes people, this app actually allows you to be shallow for your own gain.

Though of course, the shallowness isn’t always in regards to your love-life – as some customers use the app to make it look as though they have a ‘nice network of connections’ for their professional lives, according to the website.
The service includes ‘unlimited pictures for social networking, free of charge’ – but don’t get too comfortable, because using the company most certainly isn’t for free…. see more

source: metro UK