“If I changed anything about me I wouldn’t be Lizzie, I wouldn’t be true to myself.”

Beautiful face, charming eyes, a fair color, perfect smile, perfect height and weight, designer-wear and epic looks make her beautiful and you love her because she is beautiful. This is your love at first sight ,if this is your love at first sight then it’s better to call you blind. Beauty is not a momentary feeling that you perceive from someone’s looks. Beauty is in the instincts , your instincts define your beauty but few of us have eyes to see this beauty. According to me beauty is defined by Lizzie Velasquez; she has been called “the world’s ugliest woman” in December 2013.

When she watched her video for the first time on YouTube, calling her “the ugliest woman”, she could have hid herself and cried as was expected but she accepted it and I salute her courage. She said, “I know what it is to be bullied and what it is to be bullied online, and I want to be the protector of those who think it won’t get better.”

This is her strongest point. She is the one of the three women of the world having such a syndrome. God chose her because she had the capability to face this and when I think about her anti-bullying movie I appreciate her more as she knew the pain of this hateful act but instead of crying she thought of other human beings who were victims. Her effort to raise her voice shows that she has a beautiful heart and very few of us have this gift and she is truly blessed. Her family is the greatest blessing who have helped and supported her. While many of us cry for small things in our lives she is happy with what she has . Her courage, determination, love, thinking and family are her beauty.

You are the prettiest girl having beautiful ideas of life; your insight makes you different and special, your kind heart, your peaceful mind and way of life. You are happy the way you are. You don’t waste your time in search of things which have no value but use it beautifully what you have.
While girls all over the world are worried about being overweight and underweight you taught me one lesson that is not to under estimate oneself. You are a source of inspiration for all the girls who can’t raise their voice and who make abnormality their weakness. You proved that for a perfect and happy life you don’t need beautiful features and a lot of appreciation and praise from others but one has to be loyal and true with ones inner self.

By:  Aisha Mustaq