MEET the world’s most normal man.

David Bateson is a Wynnum resident, owns a boutique PR and marketing firm and just happens to be Google’s poster-boy for normalcy.

Mr Bateson made the stark realisation of his averageness when he saw his businesses website was racking up thousands of hits for no apparent reason.

“I saw the extra hits so I jumped on Google analytics,” he said.

“My business is all about marketing so when the number one key words were normal men I became curious.”

After entering the key words in the worlds most used search engine he realised that not only was his website featured, so was his face.

“A picture of me is the first image to come up,” he said.

“I uploaded a picture to my website a few years back of my moustache from Movember and it’s somehow been linked to the term normal men.”

Originally from the UK, a quick email confirmed his fears: worldwide he had become Mr Normal.

Not to be deterred by his somewhat average title, Mr Bateson is taking his new-found fame in his stride.

“I’m quite pleased even though I’m featured among some somewhat interesting topics,” he said.

“Seems there’s a lot of women out there looking for normal men.

“Although that picture is two years old, so who knows … I might not be considered normal anymore.”