Dubai has long been a popular destination for both holidaymakers and professionals seeking greener pastures abroad. The emirate’s decision to diversify its economy with a heavy investment in tourism infrastructure and has propelled  Dubai to one of the five fastest-growing metropolitan areas in the world.

Now looking to attract tech start-ups and entrepreneurs from around the world, the city is transforming into an innovation hub and investing billions of dollars to make this goal a reality.

Support from government and semi-government institutions – in addition to the growth of incubators, Dubai – has led to a string of home grown success stories.With over two billion people living within a four-hour flight radius and the highest penetration rate of smartphones than anywhere else in the world, Dubai is also quickly establishing itself as the destination of choice for tech start-ups seeking to access emerging markets.

Like other business sectors Government also supporting technology base transporting companies and Entrepreneurs to invest and grow and Dubai becoming the hub for Transportation base technologies hub of region where now Uber and careem and couple of others Ride sharing companies are operating and providing safe secure means of travelling within Dubai and in whole UAE to its residents and also established their headquarters in Dubai to operate in rest of Gulf states.

Because Supportive Environment many Technology companies around the world investing in different sector of Dubai.

Recently a US based Technology Group WOW ETS launching their Flagship Taxi E-Hailing App in Dubai very soon.

Spokesperson from WOW ETS told that they done extensive research about Dubai Transport and laws and also they done their research on competitors and decided to launched their Taxi E-Hailing App in Dubai and rest of the Emirates.

They also claimed that their aim is not only start another Taxi App but provide better secure safe accessible and affordable transportation facilities.

When asked about their Competitors Uber/Careem, spokesperson told that they know both of organizations operating from long time they have better technology and experience but with time we believe with better service and advance technologies we will be one of choice of residents of this city whenever they will plan to go anywhere any time. He further told that WOW ETS now focusing to learning the dynamics of this region and learning how to launched their App with improved and better features that will help every one to have better and easy access to better transport services with in city and cross the cities.

When asked about their Mobile App, they told that our app has many feature which includes Flexible Payment options,Reward system,  Live Traffic alerts,  Real Time Locator, plus we working closely with our Partners ( Drivers ) to better train them because they are the one who will use our application so the better trained driver will serve better our guests.

For users spokesperson told that their experience will be fun with us and they will feel real difference when they will use our service.

WOW ETS appreciate the support of RTA and other departments and also Thanks Dubai Government to creating an environment for businesses Growth, plus we also admire the Dubai Government 2030 Initiative for Transport, and we fully support this initiative and are ready to play our role in this vision for Transport which will make people movement more easy and secure.

WOW ETS will launch their App for both iOS and Android Users and also planning to launch their App in Pakistan, Singapore, France and Russia and India.

contributed by WOW ETS staff