With a cheeky smile and playful nature, little Liang Xiaoxiao acts just like any other child.

As she plays with other toddlers and kicks around a football, she doesn’t have a care in the world.

However, the three-year-old’s size compared to the other children she plays with clearly shows that all is not well. It is believed the youngster is the world’s tiniest girl.

She was born with a weight of 1.05kg and a height of just 33cm. But three years on she is only 54 cm tall and weights just 2.5kg. Doctors in Huaihua, China, believe that a genetic mutation has stopped the youngster from getting any bigger.

But as these pictures show, it clearly hasn’t dented the love of her mother who proudly watches her child play at the Children’s Hospital of Hunan Province in Changsha, China. This week one of the world’s smallest surviving babies was finally allowed home.

Born weighing just 9.5 ounces, smaller than a can of soda, Kenna Claire Moore is recorded as the fourth-smallest surviving baby in the world.

After spending the first six months of her life in intensive care, when she finally left Presbyterian Hemby Children’s Hospital in Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S, on Tuesday, it was no ordinary discharge.

Born at only 25 weeks – a typical pregnancy lasts 40 weeks – doctors were not sure how long little Kenna would survive, but after 183 days of fighting for her life, parents Nicki and Sam Moore finally got to take her home in what they said was ‘the happiest day of our life’.



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