Scientists say the world’s first baby has been born using DNA from three parents in a technique hailed as “revolutionary”.

The controversial “three-parent” technique allows parents with rare genetic mutations to have healthy babies.

The baby, whose mother and father are Jordanian, was born in Mexico with the help of a New-York based team led by Dr John Zhang.

He was conceived from an egg containing nuclear DNA from his parents, and mitochondrial DNA from a “second” mother – an unknown female donor.

The technique has been approved in the UK – but this time it was altered slightly because as Muslims they were against the destruction of embryos.

The UK-backed method is called pronuclear transfer where the mother’s egg and a donor egg are fertilised with the father’s sperm.

Each nucleus of the fertilised eggs is then removed before they divide into early-stage embryos.

The nucleus from the donor’s fertilised egg is discarded and replaced by that from the mother’s fertilised egg… see more

source: skynews