THIS is the most hated man at the FIFA 2014 World Cup in Brazil. He comes from Uruguay and his name is Luis Suarez. But you can just call him “booooooooooooooooo”. That’s the noise the England fans will be making on Friday morning when Suarez’s Uruguay take on England in a do-or-die match in Group D.
Suarez missed his nation’s first match due to a knee injury. He’s back tonight to wreak the sort of havoc he wreaked all year in the Premier League. As a sidenote, does anyone ever wreak anything except havoc?

Anyway, Suarez.

Great player. This man has scored more goals for his country than any other, with 35 and counting. He netted 31 goals for Liverpool last EPL season when they just missed out on the title.

Here’s a video of all of them. You won’t get bored watching it, unless of course you don’t like amazing goals, in which case what on earth are you doing reading this story?

Thing with Suarez is, the dude has a nasty side too. He’s been done for biting a player when he played in the Netherlands, and again in England. He was also suspended by the FA by saying some particularly demeaning things to a player with a darker skin tone than himself.

Now it just so happens that both England and Uruguay lost their first matches, the former in a tight tussle with Italy, the latter in a surprise blowout against lowly Costa Rica. If either team loses tonight, it can kiss goodbye its already flimsy World Cup hopes. For all of the above reasons, Suarez will be enemy number one for the England fans tonight. The Liverpool fans among them will probably be booing loudest of all… see more