Office work can seem tedious but, in fact, it’s all about the attitude you bring to the place. Work and office drudgery can actually be fulfilling and make you feel accomplished at the end of the day. You just need to know how to pace yourself with small acts of happiness throughout the day.

1. Get the Little Fidgets and Doodads that Make You Happy

Fidget spinners and stress balls of different shapes are wonderful for keeping your hands busy and yourself in the “perfect flow” state, emotionally, while you’re thinking out your next move and what you’ll do for the next ten minutes to an hour.

Get a new fidget spinner or squeeze toy every time you shop online or pass one in the store you like. Then, play with them until you find one that you particularly like. Get a couple more of these and keep them in your desk drawer as backups and perhaps keep one or two safely stored at home, as well.

2. Assign Two Favorite Snacks to Just Work Time

Pick two easily-acquired snacks for your office work and only eat those two snacks at work. This biologically trains your brain to greatly desire to go to work so that you can enjoy your favorite food in a clean, safe environment. If you have what you need in the office, you can even skip lunch to get more work done without feeling as if you’ve given anything up to do so.

3. Sunshine on Your Face Increases Endorphins

Sunshine is incredibly good for the chemicals in your body. There are nutrients in sunshine which cannot be found anywhere else, except for full-spectrum lamps. Get direct sunlight on your skin through a window or give it to yourself through a full spectrum light that is pointed at your hands and arms and work area.

In addition to chemically balancing your body, which takes the stress off of anybody, sunshine or full spectrum light will also increase your endorphins. Two huge benefits in one simple lighting solution.

4. Nature Helps Balance Your Internal and External Worlds with Each Other

Nature is incredibly soothing for all life forms and humans are no exception. Don’t use fake plants. Instead, use indoor plants which require very little care, light or water (such as a Pothos plant) and surround your workspace with these beauties. They will lower your stress levels an unbelievable amount and they will soothe your spirit during even the most harassing of work schedules.

5. Have a Specific Private “You” Time with Meditation

In the middle of the longest (or most stressful) part of your day, pick a time where you will be able to have ten uninterrupted minutes. Then, go off by yourself and have a quiet time of perfect reflection and meditation. This can be time for spirituality or meditation, time thinking about how you think and feel at that precise moment, or just time emptying your mind and being in a nice, soothing stillness for a moment.

6. Organize Your Day from Biggest to Smallest

Always, always, always tackle the big tasks first. Time and time again, professionals have found that they are four times more productive early in the morning than they are at any other time of the day. Don’t do little tasks at this time. Instead, tackle the biggest, most stressful problems during this time. Then, organize the rest of your day to take on the second biggest and third biggest tasks. By lunchtime, you should be down to the easiest and simplest tasks to finish out your workday. Easy peasy.

You can soothe your office work by implementing little things and tiny habits to break up the day. These should be specially designed for you and your personal tastes. This makes you feel special, become more creative and flexible, and soothe your inner beast while you are getting the best work of your life done.

Jeremy is a tech and business writer from Simi Valley, CA. He’s worked for Adobe, Google, and himself. He lives for success stories, and hopes to be one someday.hat it brings to your business as a whole.