Words conceal as much as they reveal
If not more
As the mind tries to sift
The half- said
Into un-said meaningfuls
And read between the lines
Only to shy away from and evade

The innuendos and implications
The inverse revelations
In the cracked mirror
Of memories and realities .

Back into Time

Perchance to meet today
When the air is soft and the sky violet
Perchance to touch your hand
And cross back into Time

When our love was young
The bridges in between
Have all been crossed
Perchance to think
To love
And all that was has gone
And all that was is lost

We know that we can look
Back on the paths we took
With a smile
Perchance to wish
Back all those times
With eloquent silence
We never tell
For though the paths were
Tough at times
Our love was strong .

By: Sabena Siddiqi