It’s easy for humans to identify faces in pictures on Facebook, but the method isn’t as simple for computers. Sure, Facebook has a suggested prompt that predicts who you’re trying to tag, but now the company is working on a technology that promises “near-human accuracy” so you won’t have to do it yourself in the future.

Facebook’s API Group is developing software called DeepFace, which maps 3D facial features and creates a colorless model to narrow in on specific characterizations. The accuracy of the method is 97.25%, which is just under the 97.5% accuracy that a human can identify, according to the group.

“We present a system (DeepFace) that has closed the majority of the remaining gap in the most popular benchmark in unconstrained face recognition, and is now at the brink of human level accuracy,” researchers said in a report released by Facebook API Group. “It is trained on a large dataset of faces acquired from a population vastly different than the one used to construct the evaluation benchmarks, and it is able to outperform existing systems with only very minimal adaption.”… see more


source: mashable