More business owners are beginning to understand the advantages of using fiber optics to connect to the internet. This option compares favorably to both broadband and copper cable connections. Fiber optic connections can benefit companies of all sizes. Interested business owners can benefit from fiber optics in the following ways:


As a business owner, you understand the importance of having a reliable internet connection. Fiber optic connections are designed in a way that the uptime for your network will be nearly 100 percent. Explained in the simplest terms, glass is a more effective conduit of data than copper. This result is that downtime and connectivity being an issue with fiber optics is minimal.


It has been reported on average that businesses lose a full week of productivity each year due to low internet speeds. This is a risk that most businesses can not afford to take. Internet connectivity through fiber optics is much faster than anything that can be expected with copper. This advantage of fiber optics is greatly appreciated by the business owner who experienced optimal internet speed during the peak hours of business.

Symmetric Speed  

Symmetric speed is a term that references the balance between upload and download speeds of the network connection. Some businesses can do without high levels of symmetric speed. However, more and more employees choose to multitask while performing job duties.

Symmetric speed can make multitasking more convenient for your workers. Employees can use a fiber optic connection to smoothly upload files, videos, and images while downloading files and taking phone calls.

Improved Signal Strength  

The strength of an internet signal weakens as the user moves further away from the source of the signal. This is true when relying on traditional broadband internet service.

The strength of fiber optic connections does not weaken with distance. This can be of great importance when a work area is not in close proximity to the telecom room.


Data transmitted through fiber cables is more secure from thieves than when copper connections or wireless systems are used. This is important when working with sensitive issues like insurance document management. When a fiber optic cable is compromised, the breach can be detected immediately. The detection is caused by the light that will leak from the cable. This light will draw the attention of nearby workers and cause the system to shut down.

A fiber network allows for all hardware and electronics to be located in a single location. This is a superior solution to having closets filled with wires and equipment at various locations in a business.

Improved Cloud Access   

Cloud technology is of ultimate importance in today’s world of business. Reports show that more than eight out of 10 businesses across the globe utilize cloud storage capabilities. Connectivity issues can prove costly to the bottom line of a business owner. The bandwidth and speed afforded to business owners using fiber optic connections provide improved access to data and apps that are stored in the cloud.

Cost Efficient   

The costs associated with fiber cable and other equipment needed have steadily decreased with time. Fiber optics can be more expensive to use than copper or broadband options in the short-term but could save money over the long haul.

Fiber optics is typically less expensive to maintain and has less downtime. The cost of installation is also cheaper than in past years.

Final Thoughts  

Fiber optic technology offers significant advantages over the use of wireless and copper connections to access the internet. This is a fact that more business owners have discovered in recent years. Business owners can provide their employees with the tools to improve productivity while saving their businesses money through the use of fiber optics.

by: Dennis Hung