If you run a business, then you need to have the right methods of managing your employees. If you do, you can get more productivity, loyalty, and happiness out of them. All of these things help your business grow in new ways. So don’t lose out on the opportunity to turn a new page. Use these tips below:


The key to productivity is not what it used to be. Managers used to measure their employees in terms of when they showed up at the office, how long they sat in their chairs, and how much they flattered them. If you want success, you need a new model.

Judge your workers only on their ability to get results. Whether they are working from New York or Nairobi, make it clear that you care about performance. As long as they get the job done, you don’t need to worry about their location.

The Tools Have Become Powerful

Technology is not the same as even a decade ago. There used to be great reasons to have all your employees in one space. When a phone was the most powerful form of communication, you just couldn’t afford to have people working from home as often.

Now, however, you can equip your employees with their own virtual workspace. They will have everything they need to perform at a high level. From hopping on video sales calls with customers, to answering emails from frustrated clients, to adding their thoughts during a virtual meeting, nothing is out of the question. As long as your team has a laptop or a phone, you can manage them from anywhere in the world without losing anything.


Employee happiness is essential. In the short term, you might get away with having some team members who do not like their work. However, as time goes on, you will suffer a drain of your most talented people.

The reality today is simple. People can live anywhere, work anywhere, at any time. They will go with companies that promote this freedom rather than restrict it. So throw the old book of business out and embrace having happier and more productive employees.


As someone who runs a business, your costs are on the top of your mind every day. You want to reduce expenses and increase sales so your profits continue to grow. In fact, when you are not paying for office overhead, gas cards, and other expenses, your company saves even more. In addition, your employees will have more time to be on the clock and actually working for you.


A lot of your overhead has to do with insurance. When you have people working in an office, anything could happen. Even a freak accident could come back to bite you. You can reduce your insurance payments by having people work right from their very own homes.


In today’s world, you recruit online just as much as any other form. But the internet has not changed the way people communicate or evaluate opportunities. It has simply sped up that process. Thus, if you generate a lot of positive word of mouth from your employees, they will bring their best and brightest friends to work for you.

Your employees are the most important aspect of your business. If you get them into the right vehicle, right workflow, and ideal location, you can achieve much more financially. So take your brand to a new level. Empower your employees to work from home. Then, using the tips above, you can create a new superteam that gets more done in less time for your business.


by: Dennis Hung