The government has a huge effect on your life. However, when it comes the online world, many people see this as an arena where the government isn’t present. The reality is that what the government does online is relevant to you. Here are reasons you should care:

Trend Setting

The government is the most visible part of a community. What they do, or don’t do, has an effect on everyone. The government has an ability to set trends, and if they decide to invest in a particular technology, it could cause others to do the same. If they deny the technology, it could prevent people from being confident in it. For these reasons, the trends that happen from the top down are actually the most significant in society.

Community Overflow

Government action always affects the community. After all, they are tasked with taking care of the most important functions of society. This includes healthcare, civil services, military, and basic divisions like the DMV. It is natural that the government’s approach to technology is going to overflow into the community.

International Effects

Not only does a government have effect over its people, but also the world at large. For instance, when the U.S. government decides to implement a new policy about the internet, you will see shockwaves (good or bad) that affect other nations. They likely look to the U.S. for hints on how to run their policies as well. Legalizing or banning a certain online activity will not go unnoticed by the international community. But neither will investments or embracing new technologies. If a government is profiting or reducing costs from online sources, it could cause a quick response from others.


Where the government decides to invest can cause funding to be more available or less so. Contractors who work with the government are especially dependent on this if they are in an industry that is mostly funded by the government. This is something that can hit hard on a local level.


If the government were to make cryptocurrency illegal tomorrow, it would have a giant effect on future business trends. Policies like this aren’t usually short term deals–they affect people for a long time. Knowing when and where legal measures are taken affects you.


The development of blockchain in the government could change everything about money. As an online citizen, you should be taking note of how your government is treating this groundbreaking technology.

When Bitcoin paved the way for blockchain and cryptocurrency in 2017, it made everyone pay attention. It’s not the investing that interests governments and banks that fund them, but rather the power of this new technology to change how transactions are done online. If it is adopted by governments, it could provide a transparent way for people to see how funds are being spent and who exactly is receiving or creating them. This spells interesting consequences for the online money world, as government has the policy power to dictate how transparent or not they are going to be.

When it comes to governments and their online activity, everyone should care. When the government uses technology, it shows that they are adapting to the modern world. When they refuse, it is a sign that the government is resisting the will of the people. As a citizen, you have a duty to observe your government and see that they are upholding their duties.


by: Dennis Hung