Growing a Business: Embrace Emerging Technology

As technology increases so do the demand that companies keep up with the age. Decades ago it was rare to see a company with a website. Their business grew with foot traffic, but today the opposite is true. Technology has made the world smaller, but it has also placed demands on the way business is done. Any business looking to grow in the digital age must utilize technology. While the learning curve may be steep at first, it will surely pay off. Implementing technology into a business can not only grow the business, but it can provide a few unexpected benefits. Here are a few ways that utilizing technology can improve business.


Theft and vandalism is a real concern for many businesses. In an age when theft is abundant and personal information is sought after, security is at the forefront of one’s mind. A secure way to store information and manage daily operations is to utilize cloud storage. In the absence of physical paperwork, cloud security becomes the first line of defense. It helps to keep employee records and other sensitive information in one secure location. Using cloud storage also helps to keep executive decisions and information away from the eyes of prying competition.


Technology makes life simpler, especially for business owners. Instead of handwriting checks and calculating payroll by hand, one can utilize the software. Using technology, especially emerging software, can give a business a competitive edge over the competition. It can help to streamline the email process and gain better insight into client requests. Managing time is important for any business. Market conditions can change and it is important that business remain flexible. A great way to use technology to become more productive is to use time tracking software. This software can point out gaps in the day and allow great productivity.

Marketing and Exposure

Having an online presence is just as important as having a phone number. However, just managing a website is just the tip of the iceberg. A great way to drive site traffic and bring attention to a brand is to blog. Running a business blog alongside the webpage offers great benefits. It can open the target demographic to include individuals that may be outside the current purview. As the business shares its knowledge on the subject matter it also helps to establish them as an authority. This gives the impression that the business is ahead of the pack. Exposure like this can also generate passive income. The blog, if successful can work dually to make money and grow the business.


Staying current is imperative. Showing clients that the business recognizes the changes happening around them is important. In some instances, one can lose revenue if current trends in technology and competitive campaigns are ignored. Technology brings the world to one’s fingertips. For a business, doing research is an integral part of being successful. Without knowledge of what’s happening in the world, they may fall behind. Utilize technology for research to give the company a fighting chance.

In Conclusion

The business model is changing. Companies are not just in physical locations. Which means that the competition may be a virtual store. Places like Amazon has changed the way people shop. Without embracing technology it can be difficult, even impossible, to remain profitable. Not only does it offer security, productivity, and brand exposure but it can make managing a business enjoyable. The aspects of daily operations can feel like a chore. There are thousands of software available, specifically designed, for businesses. Utilize them and gain a competitive edge, while ensuring that time is spent in a productive manner.

by: Walter Bodellby: