In Life you will be given opportunity to work on your carrier, to work for a company or to work towards your calling. Some are born genius; some explore their genius while rest die with their song buried in their hearts.

Simon Sinek worked his heart out in a 9-5 job. But then one day he was working late. No one was at office. Light went out so he got some time to think. He looked around and saw no one. He was working like hell with his sweat and blood. He realized the fact those long hours he was investing was helping his company but he was not growing anymore.

Simon in his TED talk explained that there are two ways in which you can do things – First we do things in which you are good at and second we do things which we really Love to do. They come straight from our heart.

But sometimes in Life you realize that you are doing something which you loved to do but now your Passiondied. You no longer feel the way you used to. You are doing things because you are asked to do or you are paid to do. Now what??

Passion died now what? Here is what I am suggesting. Although I myself am suffering with such an experience but here is what I found useful.

Every person has 2-3 things which he really loves to do in their spare time. Keep those hobbies with you. Infuse those hobbies in your daily routine. These hobbies start from school but later in Life we realize that they are source of true Happiness. Don’t ever get confused between the things you can do easily for the things which you Love to do. There may be many things which you can do easily but others can’t but that doesn’t mean that you will love them. Choose those hobbies which you love to do. If you are bored with one hobby try another.

Listen to your heart. Keep a journal. Record things, jot down every detail of what you love. Spend some time alone with nature. Nature is no doubt the best motivator of all. Keep asking yourself what is the one thing which I will keep doing even if I don’t get paid for it.

Talent is a Gift by GOD to every single person but what we do with that talent is our Gift to GOD. Keep exploring yourself until you find your true self. Life is lived once so live it in a way that when you die people will cry.


By: Yousuf Rafi

Yousuf Raif is a blogger and IT expert based in Pakistan
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