Marketing and advertising go hand in hand. They’re vital to your operations to ensure you stay relevant. At some point, you have to decide whether it makes sense to keep everything in-house or if it’s best to outsource to a marketing and advertising firm. This isn’t a decision you can make lightly. There’s also no perfect formula to tell you what you should do. However, you can look at what’s going on to see if a third party can make a difference.

You’re Entering New Territory

You may have a great team to work with. However, there may come a time when you want to enter new territory in regards to your marketing strategies. The skillsets of those you have working for you may be limited. If they don’t know enough about social media, search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, or one of the other strategies you want to employ, it might be time to look outside your four walls.

A variety of marketing strategies can be created when you decide to outsource. You may want help managing your social media profiles or you want to re-target your audience with Facebook ads.

If your employees don’t have the know-how, you don’t have to miss out on the latest marketing opportunities. Simply outsource some of the marketing components to an agency who can help you with them.

The Projects are Getting Bigger

There may be a lot more projects than there used to be. The projects may also be getting bigger. Collaborating well with others means you have to send large files back and forth until you come to a point where nothing else needs to be changed. With the time that it takes to review the projects, edit them, and send them back to be revised, it might be time for you to outsource. That way you’re no longer inundated with projects that your team cannot handle.

You can boost marketing productivity throughout your business in many ways. However, if your employees don’t have the skillset or they are simply bombarded by the number of marketing campaigns in place, outsourcing may be what’s best for your business. It will prevent your employees from being burned out. Plus, it will ensure that you have the necessary marketing in place to maintain relevancy and promote any new products or services that you have in place.

You Want a Better ROI

Regardless of your business, you want your marketing dollars to go as far as possible. This means you have to focus on the return on investment. Your ROI is measured in a variety of ways, including what it’s costing you in order to get new leads and convert more customers. As you track your data, it will allow you to create better marketing campaigns.

If the last few campaigns have had a low ROI, it might be time to turn to professionals. You can choose to outsource as a way of tapping into the knowledge of digital marketers who know the tried and true formulas for Facebook ads, PPC campaigns, and more. It will allow your ads to be seen by more people within your target demographic.

A marketing agency may also have access to more analytics (and know how to read them better). You can then rely on their expertise when they tell you that it’s time to change up your branding or focus on a different demographic because there is data to support these suggestions.

Review what’s going on within your business. If your staff isn’t up on the latest marketing tactics or you’re not seeing sufficient ROI, it might be time to outsource your marketing and advertising. You can control the costs and tap into a higher level of expertise so that your goals are met more effectively.


by: Dennis Hung