Watch out, Viber! WhatsApp, which just reached 800 million users, is rolling out voice calling for its app on iOS. Users of the popular app will now be able to call their friends and loved ones on iOS devices. Android users have already had this feature for a little while and it has gone swimmingly. Just like the release on Android, WhatsApp will not make this feature available to all iPhones simultaneously, but will instead roll out the new addition in waves over the next few weeks.

The newly updated version of the app has a number of new features worth boasting about. WhatsApp 2.12.1 has new iOS 8 compatibility updates that allow the app to share photos, videos, and links to other apps with a sharing button. It also added a “quick camera button” that allows the user to capture photos and videos, and to more quickly select a recent camera roll, photo, or video. You’ll also now be able to crop and rotate photos before sending them, as well as send multiple videos at once… see more

source: digitaltrends